A better way to interact with your listeners.

Studiocaster is a powerful, unified social media platform that focuses on receiving SMS messages & Twitter feeds to your studio or business. It is specifically designed for the broadcasting industry to enable effective interaction with your listeners!

Cloud or self-hosted

Studiocaster is designed to work with your existing virtual sms number provider
or use our self-hosted box where you just insert your SIM card.



Designed for In-studio Read

Studiocaster gives you a web-portal for your users to login and access messages coming into your studio. Your radio presenters will know how to respond on-air to your listeners through an easy to read display, which identifies first-time listeners and regular contributors to your show.

New Features

Studiocaster is always evolving – and new features are added on a regular basis, as voted or requested by the users. The next release will include, amongst others, WhatsApp messaging, focused email inboxes and other social media platforms.


Interacting with your listeners is important so we’ve built in competition tasks, the ability to tag your regular contributors with a name-tag & add comments to help keep track of regular contributors to your shows. We’ve even built in a ‘bad-word’ filter along with the ability to ban consistent texters for inappropriate texting.

Analyse Listener Metrics

We’ve built into Studiocaster the ability to track where your listener texts are coming from and in which daypart. So you can see which show is receiving the most interaction from listeners. We also track which countries you get texts from and display all this in neat graphics on the admin control panel.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Listeners

From keeping tabs on competitions to identifying first time and long term texters and the ability to add keyword tags to messages, Studiocaster helps your presenters easily build rapport with your listeners. Studiocaster’s built-in bad word filter keeps your presenters focused and unruffled.

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Sign up for a 7 day free trial with your existing number or a new virtual number which you can purchase from one of the providers we currently support.

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