Feature-rich to empower your audience

Studiocaster is a powerful, unified social media platform that focuses on receiving messages to your on-air studio and is specifically designed for the radio industry.

Engage & empower your audience

Studiocaster has a whole host of features that allow presenters to interact easily with listeners and build an audience. Contact us to find out more or suggest new features.

Interact with your listeners

Feature-rich web-based application that puts you in control of how you interact with your listeners in real-time. Studiocaster takes care of all your listeners’ feedback and allows you to interact seamlessly and directly with them on air.

Designed for In-studio Read

Studiocaster gives you a web-portal for your users to login and access messages coming into your studio. Your radio presenters will know how to respond on-air to your listeners through an easy to read display, which identifies first-time listeners and regular contributors to your show.

New Features

Studiocaster is always evolving – and new features are added on a regular basis, as voted or requested by the users. The next release will include, amongst others, WhatsApp messaging, focused email inboxes and other social media platforms.


Interacting with your listeners is important so we’ve built in competition tasks, the ability to tag your regular contributors with a name-tag & add comments to help keep track of regular contributors to your shows. We’ve even built in a ‘bad-word’ filter along with the ability to ban consistent texters for inappropriate texting.



Studiocaster is a live application – this means that every interaction with your audience is done in real-time. There are no delays – feedback and response is instant – which makes the whole experience interactive like a conversation.

Hosted Service

Studiocaster is a hosted service which means we take care of the technical bits so that you can focus on your broadcast and enjoy the software as a user. No interminable downloads. No confusing setup. No hassle.

Self-host module

If you already have a SIM card with your phone number, then you can purchase our module, insert your SIM card and attach to your network – and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Sentiment analysis

At a glance, get an idea of the overall sentiment of your messages that are coming into your dashboard. This allows you to modify your on-air interactions in real time.



Launching a competition for your audience couldn’t be easier. Built for the radio listener, just simply create a competition using the administrative menus, wait for your listeners to respond, and confirm the randomly-picked winner. The system even keeps account of previous winners!

Twitter Feeds

Add your Twitter feed so that every time you receive a mention or a station-initiated hashtag you will see it in your dashboard feed. Your audience can even submit competition entries using Twitter. Other Social Media platforms will be added soon!

Analytics Data

Need to know when your best time is to receive messages to maximise competition and sponsor campaigns which require listener engagement. Studiocaster will give you hourly, daily and yearly graphs!

Existing hardware

Doing an OB? You can log into Studiocaster using your smart-phone and view a scaled-down version of the dashboard – while on the move. Never miss out on what your audience has to say or an opportunity to respond.


Sign-up in minutes

When you sign up to Studiocaster, you can be up and running almost immediately. Complete the registration form, and after purchasing a virtual mobile number you will be able to start using the system within minutes.


Virtual Mobile Number

Studiocaster has been created to enable the use of existing and new virtual numbers. This enables you to set up geographical mobile numbers on the fly to enable your listeners to interact with you even more easily. We currently support Esendex & Twilio for European numbers including UK & Ireland, and Nexmo for U.S. numbers. However, if you are utilising a different provider or need a different solution, please get in touch with us. Our system has been designed to easily integrate with other providers.

"We've been looking for an easy-read solution for receiving messages from listeners that does so much more - thank you Studiocaster for making our interaction with our listeners practical!"

– Richie (Spirit Radio)

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